Family Visit - Oct 18

10/21/2013 20:17

Russell and crew were down for a weekend visit. The weather was awesome!


Saturday the neighbor girls came over and we had a crew of 5 girls decorating the porch with corn stalks for Halloween. Funny to see Smiley putting cable ties on the corn stalks. She was able to thread them and pull them tight "all by me-self", but only around the stalk. Apparently not on her radar to put the tie around the porch railing ;-)


We spent the afternoon at the Zoo. A fair sized crowed, but still room for everyone. I think the girls had the most fun playing "three little pigs". The run ahead while I walk after them saying stuff like "I'm hungry, I'm going to eat some piggies". It is a great way to get the group to move and cover a lot of ground.